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April 25th, 2013

The Basics of Intellectual Property Law in Texas

Intellectual Property Lawyer in Arlington, TX | James Baudino Patent LawyerJames Baudino, intellectual property lawyer in Arlington, TX, explains the basics of intellectual property law, why it is important, and how it can help you protect your ideas.

Intellectual law, also known as intellectual property law, is a discipline within law that is focused on protecting the rights of creators, inventors, artists, and entrepreneurs who create original ideas. Intellectual law includes a body of rights that allow a creator of an intangible work exclusive rights to that work.

The Basic Concepts of Intellectual Law

The idea behind intellectual property law is to protect the creator of the intangible work. When someone has exclusive rights to an intangible work, they are able to use and invest in the work as they please. This, arguably, helps the creator focus in different entrepreneurial investments. In the end, this can help spur job creation, wealth accumulation, and further invest in innovation with their creation. While many laws and regulations depend on the state, intellectual property lawyers in Arlington, TX employ a number of basic legal processes that can protect certain types of intangible work and that generally apply throughout the United States.

Patent Law in Texas

One of the common forms of intellectual law are patents. Patents are types of intellectual law where a specific invention is protected from others. These inventions can be a type of design, a specific function that the invention does, software patents, or even certain methods of creating biological agents like plant seeds. As a patent lawyer in Arlington, TX, our firm specializes in business patents, however there is a broad range of patent lawyers trained in specific types of patents. For example, biological patents are very complex, so a patent lawyer may be exclusively trained to help corporations and inventors with plant seed patents.

Trademark Law in Texas

Another form of intellectual law are trademarks. Trademark law are forms of intellectual law protections over phrases, sayings, signs, or words that are associated with corporations, products, services, and other goods. Trademark law is usually signified with the icon “TM” or “R” next to phrases. These icons and sayings cannot be used by other entities without explicit approval or consent by the entity that owns the trademark. Trademark law can also be used against a company; if the phrase relates to the quality of goods or services, a customer can sue the company for false advertising based upon their trademark.

Texas Copyright Law

Another aspect of intellectual law are copyrights. Copyrights are the ability for an investor to have complete control over their work and gain financial benefits from the use of that work. For example, if an artist created a popular piece of art, that artist can collect revenue from the use of that art by other corporations or entities.

Trade Secret Laws in Texas

One final piece of intellectual law is a trade secret. A trade secret is any form of corporate information regarding the practices, policy, action, or investment by a business that is being kept secret until a proper time to inform the public and shareholders. Trade secrets can sometimes fall into the hands of competing businesses and businesses can use this information for their advantage. Trade secrets are protected under intellectual law so that unfair competition does not flourish.

Intellectual Property Law Helps Protect Your Intangible Interests

Intellectual property law is a complex web of protections for business, creators, and entrepreneurs regarding how their ideas are protected. An intellectual property lawyer, like a patent lawyer, works diligently for clients to make sure their hard work is not being used or exploited by third parties. An intangible product can have numerous economic benefits and an intellectual property lawyer helps people protect their intangible ideas from competitors. If you have an idea or business concept that needs protection, don’t risk it being stolen, contact James Baudino, an expert in intellectual property lawyer in Arlington, TX.